January, 2015

Last month, we saw the release of David's latest film, Dying Of The Light, written and directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) and starring Nicolas Cage.

Lots coming out in 2015 for David:

Jan. 25th is the premier of the Mini Series on History Channel: Sons Of Liberty. David plays the merchant Amos, who is one of the Sons and is a lead in all 3 of the 2-hour movies.

Jan. 30th is the premier of David's Romanian film, Pioneer's Palace, at the Egyptian Theater for the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival.

2nd Quarter David stars opposite Robert Patrick in Lost After Dark, a throwback to 80s horror films.

Also due to be released later in 2015 is the romantic comedy, Love By Design, starring Jane Seymour, where David plays the lead antagonist and a dance film by the same team called High Strung.

David also starts shooting the lead role in Ominous in February with Academy Award nominated director Jonathan Heap.

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