January, 2015

Last month, we saw the release of David's latest film, Dying Of The Light, written and directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) and starring Nicolas Cage.

Lots coming out in 2015 for David:

Jan. 25th is the premier of the Mini Series on History Channel: Sons Of Liberty. David plays the merchant Amos, who is one of the Sons and is a lead in all 3 of the 2-hour movies.

Jan. 30th is the premier of David's Romanian film, Pioneer's Palace, at the Egyptian Theater for the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival.

2nd Quarter David stars opposite Robert Patrick in Lost After Dark, a throwback to 80s horror films.

Also due to be released later in 2015 is the romantic comedy, Love By Design, starring Jane Seymour, where David plays the lead antagonist and a dance film by the same team called High Strung.

David also starts shooting the lead role in Ominous in February with Academy Award nominated director Jonathan Heap.

June, 2014

2014 is shaping up to be the busiest year of David's career.

It started in January, when Lifetime aired Non-Stop, with David playing the lead antagonist against Lacey Chabert (shot in 2013).

End of January 2014, David came to Romania to shoot Dying Of The Light, with Nicolas Cage.

In May 2014, David shot the new dance film High Strung, opposite Jane Seymour.

And now in June 2014, David has just started filming the Sons of Liberty for the History Channel. This is an epic 3-part miniseries about the bad boys of the American war of independence, with David being part of this notorious gang and in all three 2 hour movies.

Immediately following the mini-series David begins filming a horror movie he wrote called Night Of The Iele.

Speaking of horror movies, last year David shot Lost After Dark, opposite James Patrick, which should see a release this year.

David also stars in the new romantic comedy, Love By Design (shot in 2013) opposite Jane Seymour, which should also be out later this year. More updates to come!!

November, 2012

David is currently off in Toronto filming House on Haunted Hill 2. David plays the dad of the lead, who together face down the killer right to the end...

David recently finished the film Plan B, directed by Jonathan Heap (Academy award nominated director for 12:01pm) and starring opposite John Michael Higgins (A Mighty Wind).

David Can also be seen in The Two Jacks, which recently premiered at the Montreal Film Festival and Hollywood Film Festival. Film stars Danny Huston, Sienna Miller, and Billy Zane and is directed by Bernard Rose (Immortal Beloved).

David also recently finished shooting the lead in the short film, 17 Hours In Bed, coming to festivals soon...


September, 2011

David recently played the petulant news commentator in the Critically acclaimed film, Beautiful Boy, opposite maria Bello and Michael Sheen. David also just finished work on the Bernard Rose directed feature film, The Two Jacks, and starred in a new comedy pilot called Naughty Boy.


February, 2010

David will be teaching a series of classes at the Ivana Chubbuck Studios in Los Angles over the next couple of months and continues to coach actors privately at the studio as well. To book a class there or a private with David either contact the Ivana Chubbuck Studio or email David at: david@davidlipper.com.

David would like to congratulate his student Bar Paly on a great performance in last week's "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS.


January, 2010

The last 2 years have been pretty busy for David.

In 2008, he starred in a very successful Los Angeles run of David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize winning play, Glengarry Glen Ross. Variety said "David Lipper is grimly hilarious as the vengeful Dave Moss." The Hollywood reporter said "Lipper's Dave Moss has the right blend of hard-edged cynicism and relentless self pity that explains how he is willing to bludgeon his colleagues when conning doesn't work."

Upon finishing his run of the play, David wrote a Christmas movie entitled Dear Santa. It was optioned almost immediately by Goldrush Entertainment and is still rolling around in development.

In 2009, David got back to his bread and butter, acting in the films "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear, and "Beautiful Boy" with Michael Sheen and Maria Bello. He also has a recurring role in the Showcase series, Crash and Burn, as Dr Andrew Klein.

2010 looks to be even busier as David has signed on with new management, Elevate Entertainment, which is representing David for writing and acting (Talent and Lit).

David just finished writing a half hour comedy pilot with famed comedy writer, Mike Short (the brother of Martin Short). Elevate is currently shopping it to networks. David is slated to be a series regular on the show.


October 07 2005

Press venues have described David Lipper’s past performances as “Warmth and humanity”, “You’ll swear you already know him”, (Film Threat Magazine) and (Variety) has mentioned David’s work as “Convincing”, and “Top Flight”.

David is no new comer to the business. His diversity in characters has included performances as: a rapist (opposite Tiffany Thiessen in She Fought Alone), to a killer (opposite Holly Marie Combs in the Texas Cadet Murder), to having starred in several sit-coms as far back as “Full House” in 1996.

2005 David Lipper was the main guest star in the highest rated CBS episode of NCIS. He ended this year’s television season during May sweeps as Donald Trump’s brother in “Trump: Unauthorized” on ABC. David reunited with director Chris Leitch (She Fought Alone) in Lifetime’s movie “Black Widower.” Lipper plays the lead role of a distraught widower, yet powerfully deceiving as a master manipulator and pathological liar, Lowell also known as “Ed”.

2004 David Lipper was seen in the two hour season finale of the hit FOX drama Tru Calling. Lifetime’s movie “I do, But I don’t” with Denise Richards and the feature film “The Pacifier” with Vin Diesel. His work was also praised in the critically acclaimed independent film “Yard Sale.”

2003 David Lipper starred in three television movies. SciFi channel’s "Threshold” ABC’s Family channel’s “This Time Around” and “See Jane Date”.



David Lipper has established himself as a versatile actor, having consistently played both the hero and villain in several films throughout his career.

Born in Montreal, Canada, David starred in several productions there before moving to Los Angeles over 20 years ago. He starred as the lead antagonist in the hit Canadian show (CTV network) Time Of Your Life which ran for 150 episodes.

David completed a BFA in Musical Theater in the prestigious program at Emerson College. He left for Los Angeles that same year, just after completing a 2 month run as Fyedka in Fiddler on The Roof.

It didn't take long for things to take off in Los Angeles. David quickly found himself testing for a sitcom pilot at ABC Network, and by the next year had been the star of the Bright/Kaufman/Crane show Reality Check, which they developed along side Friends. Leslie Moonvees discovered David as a talent for Warner Bros Television with hopes that his show would be a hit on the WB network once it fell through at FOX. But co-series lead, Hillary Swank, dropped out once it changed networks and the show ended there. Giovanni Ribisi starred as David's other best friend.

Moonvees was quick to get Lipper on another show and placed him on the hit series Full House. David played the role of Viper, the new lead guitarist in John Stamos' band who soon became DJ's boyfriend. Unfortunately, even tough ratings were quite high, ABC decided the show should end in this 8th season.

Lipper quickly found himself on the Martin Short Show, which got pulled quickly for retooling and unfortunately never recovered from there.

After a string of other pilots, Lipper found himself top billing on the Fox Family Channel sitcom, Misguided Angels. The show ran 22 episodes worldwide, but got lost in transition with Fox Family becoming ABC Family.

It was here that Lipper saw the the industry shifting away from 1/2 hr comedies and into more dramatic fare. He starred In a series of network movies like She Fought Alone, playing the villain Jace opposite Tiffany Thiessen and Brian Austin Green. And then in the title role of Loves Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murders opposite Holly Marie Combs. These films were the beginning of many villainous characters for Lipper in made for TV movies. But David soon found himself back as leading man playing "Mr Right" in the Charisma Carpenter film See Jane Date, based on the book.

In 2008, David was hungry for good material and decided to take a break from film and television in search of a great theater role. He found himself playing Moss in an L.A. Revival of David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize winning play, Glengarry Glen Ross. David was singled out for outstanding acting in every review of the show, including all the top trades: Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Back Stage. David has guest starred on some of the top rated shows on TV, including NCIS, recently shot a 1/2 hr pilot co-written by famed comedy writer Mike Short (SCTV).  He was recently seen starring as the lead antagonist in a new Lifetime movie called Non-Stop opposite Lacey Chabert and theatrical release 2 Jacks with Sienna Miller and Danny Huston.

David has also recently completed a lead opposite Jane Seymour in dance film Jane by Design and a supporting role in Dying of the Light with Nicolas Cage. David was last seen a lead role in recent theatrical release Lost after Dark opposite Robert Patric.

David will next be seen playing a lead in Pioneer’s Place premiering at Sundance Film Festival 2015 and staring as Amos, a lead role in new History channel mini series Sons of Liberty with Ben Barnes and airing on Jan 25th 2015.

David will be attending Sundance 2015 to promote Pioneer’s Palace.




Here's an interesting tale of a failed pilot. In 1993 David starred in a show called Reality Check. His supporting cast included Tiffany Thiessen, Giovani Rabisi, and Hillary Swank. The writer/producers of the show had another pilot that same year: Friends! Reality Check was slated for Sunday nights between The Simpsons and Married with Children, when Fox got the rights to football. Some genius there thought this show, being highschool based, would lose too much of the football family audience. Guess he was kicking himself after seeing Friends becoming the biggest new hit since Seinfeld and watching Hillary take home the Best Actress Oscar.

More Trivia

In 1999/2000 David was CEO of Litoptions.com - a start up b2b internet company for the entertainment community. But like most internet companies, he found the bubble burst in 2000 too strong to withstand. The irony here is that the very summer after closing the company's doors, David landed the lead role in Wrong Number, opposite Eric Roberts, where he played.....you guessed it; the CEO of an internet company.

Even More Trivia

Some of you may already know that David is a musician. He is credited with having written and produced the theme song for his last TV series, Misguided Angels, along with long time writing partner, Mitch Magonet. But here are some musical performances you might not have realized. In The Annette Funicello Story, David is really playing the piano and singing as a young Paul Anka. As they were lighting his first scene, someone handed him the sheet music to Put Your Head On My Shoulder and said "you'll be playing and singing this."  Guess that musical theory class payed off. David was also playing and singing live when he serenaded DJ on Full House, which he also wrote the music to.

During David's free time you'll probably find him at the ice rink, where he plays hockey every week. I guess you can't take the Canadian out of the actor.


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